Here are the advantages of Vacanze col Cuore
Here are the advantages of Vacanze col Cuore

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The group Vacanze col Cuore

Vacanze col Cuore is the brand that embraces 8 holiday structures, including 4 Glamping Resorts, 2 Glamping Boutiques, 1 Camping Boutique and 1 Residence located in Italy and Holland.
  By choosing Vacanze col Cuore you will discover a world where there are not huge structures with thousands of guests, but cosy realities surrounded by nature, situated in wonderful places. In Italy the destinations are along Lake Garda, on Lake Idro, among the hills of Chianti or in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, up to the green Netherlands.
Choosing  Vacanze col cuore will help you to discover a world where there aren’t thousands of guests but small structures immersed in lovely green surroundings along the Lake of Garda, Chianti hills or in the heart of Tuscany Maremma. We give you the chance to satisfy your needs of freedom and your desire of being in touch with the nature. You can find again your natural rhythm while accommodated in comfortable Lodge tents, Air lodges, Safari lodges, Cottage Next, Coco Suites and Bohemian Lodges.

In order to be a relaxing experience for the whole family all the structures features pools with slides, animation and activities such as pony riding and culinary labs.
In order to live a quiet holiday without any worries we also banned the cars. Thank you to our external parkings you will find plenty of car free areas inside the glamping resorts where your children can play without any worries.

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